What’s Carrageenan in Chicken?

My philosophy is to attempt to make the best choices you can without a lot of anxiety. Let us face it, stress is not good for you either. Personally, I attempt to strike a balance. Fretting about what’s from the ice cream with an ice cream store once I am on holiday with my family contributes to anxiety. I am going to love life. On the flip side, when I go to the supermarket (by myself with lots of period) and also have choices, I am going to take a look at what are my meals. This brings me to the subject of the post, shopping for poultry. Specifically what’s from the chicken I place and even more specifically chicken which includes carrageenan as a component?

My Trip to the Grocery Store
Allow me to paint a picture for you. On a recent visit to Kroger to collect some components, I had been in the mood for creating my poultry gyro sandwich. I’ve eaten some of them over the past couple of months in Coney Island restaurants here in Michigan. We’ve got them on each corner here. For those not in this region, a normal Coney Island restaurant is a diner-type location. They market Coney dogs — hot dogs topped off with some kind of chili. A whole lot of them also have Greek food in their menu. Gyros are extremely common. These sandwiches are served in pita bread with a few veggies (onions and tomatoes typically) and Tzatziki sauce — that can be a dairy based sauce with lemon along with other seasonings inside. I was ready to create one of those sandwiches in the home.

As I looked on the poultry choice in Kroger, I discovered some boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound. Seems like a fantastic bargain right? That’s when I looked in the ingredient listing. Yes there’s an ingredient list which goes beyond chicken and includes carrageenan.

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