What Make New Futura Condo So Interesting?

What do you think of when you look up to see a tall building? Of course the intricate work that goes into it, architects and designers put efforts day and night sketching and proposing new ideas to the property developers so that each building built will have a good quality and rigid structure. In hindsight, we’ve witnessed old deisgns of a condo transcend into a new more affable design, love by everyone. Most of the property featured in our website has a myriad of facilities, amenities and services to satisfy residents and provide a comfortable stay. With so much perfect properties to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong.

new futura has more than just its beautiful designs. There are variety of entertaining facilities available and waiting to be discovered by the resident such as Water Feature, Cabanas, Club Futura, Wading Pool, Aqua pool, pet’s lawn and many more. The idea behind these facilitate is to make people’s life better and healthier. Swimming Pool can help people to release stress and also increase the bonding between close friends or families. There are also a pet’s lawn for any pet lovers to spend their time with animals . For social person, you can jump into clubbing at the famous clubs such as Tanglin Club, Pine Club and American Club.

Another fantastic thing in New Futura is the tennis Court. The sate-of-the-art tennis court gives people to practice or just spend their leisure time playing tennis with families and friend. Indeed, this will increase the bonding between you and the person you are playing.. For the golf enthusiast, you can also take part and fulfil your hobby by going to the very close Golf Course which is the Tanglin Golf Course. . Apart from luxurious things, this condominium provides us a temporary of head quarter.

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