What are the jobs and duties of a constructor?

Being a constructor is not an easy job to accomplish. One has to go through the vigor and hard work of day and night to complete one single task. Every single brick is placed one by one at its exact place just to get the outcomes more perfect. The infrastructure is firstly designed by an architect who is to be provided with the basic information according to the demand of the customer. The architect keeps in mind the demand and the requirement and provides the constructor with the map of the house. The sawn timber (saematerjal)is firstly made available by the constructor. This is very important as to get a rough idea of the amount and quantity of the raw materials that are to be required for the construction of the infrastructure.

The main purpose of the wood when it comes to construction is that it is hard and strong. This has the capacity to withstand as much pressure and stress applied as possible. The major reason is that the structure of the houses has to be strong as well as that of the building. The lining board (voodrilaud) provides the major strength and stress resistant property to the infrastructure. The main aim of the house, which is being constructed, is to get it safe from the weather conditions, which are harsh as well as intolerant.

The floorboard (Põrandalaud) is to provide beauty to the infrastructure of the house, building, office, workplace or even a hotel that is being constructed. Every type of the wood that is being selected is according to the choice of the constructor. The budget offered to the constructor is kept in mind and everything is bought according to the budget. Moreover, it has become a major demand to get the house and the building earthquake free for better safety and efficacy of the house even in the disastrous earthquakes.

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