Did you know how to install Windows 10?

The latest trend in operating systems of the Microsoft Company is the new Windows 10, this operating system optimizes and improves the performance of your computer, giving it a more stable speed and processing when executing multiple programs on it.

Steps to how to install Windows 10

First of all, the user must ensure that the technology of their computer is compatible with this operating system, regardless of whether the operating system is compatible with generation equipment from 2005 onwards if we have a device whose performance or technology is obsolete. The operating system will be impossible to execute.
As a second step we must evaluate, if your equipment has the basic requirements for Windows 10 to operate, we must necessarily have a Microsoft account or an Outlook account in order to access the store and acquire the original license for the service.

After evaluating the previous steps, as a third point is to protect the information stored in your equipment prior installation, this only in case the equipment is not new, if it is new you can ignore this step. They must make a backup of their information since in the installation process it is possible that the information get lost.
The fifth step, once we have acquired your operating system we must turn on the machine and select the device where we have the system to run it after installation, at this time a screen with installation options will be displayed, then select your preferred options, the installer will show us options where we will want to install, this will ask us after this if we want to replace the previous system and delete everything or in the other case it will indicate if we want to update our version of Windows to this new one without losing the information.
As the last step, the installation will be completed and the computer will be restarted and it will show us a bar where you select the preferred configuration of your operating system.

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The Correct Care and Maintenance of Wooden Windows and Doors

Windows made from timber or wood can endure for centuries with the suitable design, coating and upkeep. Good wooden windows do not require a whole lot of maintenance, though it’s a frequent misconception that people believe that they do.To be able to carry out maintenance work on wooden windows and doors you have to do the next things. Use sterile water or mould cleaner to clean any residue or dirt, and also to prevent any surplus mould construction up on the window frames.

You then need to repair any observable damage to the wooden window frame or door. Then you need to employ a windows alternative to all outside vulnerable surfaces of your wooden window or doorway.

This can be a two phase process consisting of a cleaning fluid and a clear balsam that’s implemented with a fabric and may be carried out by a competent window cleaner. This procedure ought to be carried out once per year, ideally.

It’s possible to get wooden windows and doorways which have guarantees that they will not have to be painted or redecorated will be required for a minimum of 10 years. Additionally, it is a good idea to select windows with higher quality, factory-applied coatings to guarantee long-lasting protection from sunlight, water and mold attack. These warranties often also cover embrittlement, flaking or cracking of the coating system and harm caused by fungal growth inside the coating procedure. Additionally, it covers substantial yellowing of this coating and early erosion of this coating film resulting in an exposed undercoat.

Coatings on windows and doorways will naturally deteriorate over time, only as a result of exposure to the environment, and being subjected to the elements all year round. Therefore, re-coating will probably be asked to increase the coating thickness and to keep the security of the inherent timber.

But wooden window specialist Martin Bevan claims that even this is not much hassle. “With modern coating methods, maintenance of wooden windows and doors is fast and easy. You do not require a hot air gun or a blow torch anymore. A quick wipe down and a brush coating of the suitable paint is sufficient to look after the windows for a second 5 years.”

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