The Blend of Game Entertainment & Horror in Maze

You hear of many video games and might have played some video games, but your experience may not be same for all games. The games in different genre have separate charm. The choice depends on the players and their age group. Kids usually like fun games and teenage want some action and adventures. The video games are meant for every age group and this could be one of the reasons for their adaptation by the wide culture. Action games and those full of mysteries and virtual world are more popular and played games. The maze game is an innovation and latest addition to this genre of video games.

Playing game of maze
Playing and winning the maze is a challenge for any player because this series of games has been designed to keep the player involved in solving puzzle, although it is different from normal puzzle and quiz games. This is adventurous and require skill and utmost concentration of the player on computer screen. The game is more challenging when two players are involved in its game play. Here the challenge is to beat the opponent to come out of the puzzle. You need lot of patience in this game to achieve all four levels while passing through the guiding dots without touching the walls of maze to reach the destined point marked in the form of red square. First two levels are easy for everyone, but the problem starts from the third level when the walls go on shrinking making it difficult for the player to move without touching them. Level fourth is the toughest and you would need multi-attempts before you can be successful to achieve this to attain your goal.
End of the game
Why is it called scary maze game? This is about end of the game when a scary figure unexpectedly appears on the computer screen with loud scream sound causing a terrifying experience and this name has been given to this game of maze.