Heat log from nature to your home

The wood is one of the most versatile elements of nature, with it man has changed his way of life, has found his food, has taken care of his health, has built houses to protect himself, has designed useful articles for its application in life I would say. The benefits of the wood that man obtains by transforming this raw material of nature are infinite. Wood is a non-renewable resource, hence its value also comes from and its conservation must prevail.

This is where the premises of Lekto Wood Fuels are born, a company dedicated to providing its customers with the best wood fuel. They have worked to improve the physical conditions of the product for fuel use, for home heating, stoves, outdoor fires improving their quality and performance, offering several heat logs. Many others offers logs for sale that do not have the appropriate percentages of humidity that guarantee their durability, our bark briquettes and kiln dried logs, have a humidity below 10%, which certifies that their durability and performance are higher.

While technological progress and the emergence of fossil fuels and petroleum products currently occupy a major part of the energy consumption that is produced worldwide, it is also true that a large part of the world population living in remote areas of the city, in rural locations and in places where people work for the protection of nature, traditional methods of heating and food processing are still used from the use of natural fuels such as wood firewood.

Nothing displaces the ecological use of wood, the levels of contamination with other fuels is simply incomparable. The companies dedicated to processing natural fuel from wood like Lekto Wood fuels make their work a sustainable business, planting new trees while cutting down old trees to restore the balance of nature.