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A New Scenario in The Print Media

The scenario of photo printing has changed a lot with the development of digital printing that create more live images of an event or activity in the form of high resolution print and canvas rolls are playing a big role in getting the desired quality of prints that can last longer without losing their original appearance. The portraits created through digital cameras and digital print media are in good demand and stretcher bars are very good tool that facilitate mounting of printed canvas by stretching on a canvas stretcher frame. Canvas prints are used to preserve pictures for effective display and for long period. Different type of fabrics is used in canvas making to have the desired effect in the display.

What can a canvas print do?

Since canvas enhance the liveliness of an image, it is often used to print a digital image. Imagine if you want to add grace to your wedding photos on your wedding anniversary how good it would be to create digital prints on the canvas and you can even use them year after year. The professionals are fond of prints on the canvas because it reflects the reality of their skill. The visual effects are so awesome that retain in the mind of audience forever.
Best way to use canvas prints

Canvas prints may not be effective in appearance if these are enclosed in a frame and even framing is a costlier way for display. Mounting them on canvas stretcher bars is a good way to enhance the visual appearance of canvas prints. These bars have specific size and design to mount different type of prints for different effect. Stretchers are a kind of wooden stretcher bars that are used to mount a canvas print over it. The print to be displayed is properly stretched and mounted over a frame that is created by the assembly of the bars to give a splendid look. UK stretcher bars are best rated bars that can be used for your expensive prints.

How can you make stretcher bars at home?

To make your artwork or paintings framed, the canvas must have to be first stretched all over the frame and attached to the Stretcher Bars . You can easily buy those either from an online store or the art supplier or from the craft store. If you have gone to the market for buying those but you did not find the one for which you were looking to buy it, you have another option to make it yourself. You can also make the stretcher bars at your home by own using the right materials and within the short time. If you have never made it before, here in the article, you will see some simple steps on how to make the frame easily by own at your home.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps in making the frame to hang the painting easily-

• Choosing the wood- At first, before you start making it, you are required to select the type of wood you need for it. The canvas stretcher bars are made using the pine wood. The side measure is to be 1 inch to 2 inches that is about 2.5cm to 5.1cm.

• Determining dimensions of it- Just decide how long and wider you want it to be displayed. The measurement will form width and length of the bars. The Canvas stretches all over and around the bars back while attaching it. The length of the canvas has to be more than length and width of the bars.

• Cutting the woods- Use the saw for cutting the four pieces of bars to join them and make a frame perfectly.
• Stapling the corners- Bring corners of the bars together and use the staple gun and staple to bars together to attach them perfectly and join them. Here is the frame ready.

These are the simple steps that can be followed in making the appropriate canvas stretcher bars for your artwork.