Flat Deck Low Rider Carts are very Attractive

Flat deck low rider tugger carts can be very useful for certain applications that need the base of the cart to be as close to the ground as possible. These types of carts are very much in use in certain industries that has this type of applications. For crates that can’t be taken up much above the ground for transporting them, these can be the ideal logistic solution. Also, many of them can be connected together and towed easily and this can be so much easy for the movement of goods and materials. The low deck carts can also be useful to carry many containers or materials all at the same time due to which these are highly used. Some other attractive features of this type of carts are as follows.

• Perfect for low height applications – This type of tugger cart is very well-suited for low height applications because it has six 125 mm casters that are well integrated into the steel based platform so that the materials that are to be transported are kept as close to the ground level as possible. There is also a modular lip on the tow bar due to which it is quite possible to alter the hole size for a particular type of tugger. Therefore, any low height application work can be effectively done using this cart.
• It has a good weight bearing capacity – This heavy duty industrial cart is designed in such a way that it can easily carry a load worth 1000 lbs and that is a good amount of weight by any margin! The cart also has a hitch which is in the form of a drop pin type and is spring loaded so that easy coupling and decoupling of carts can be done.
Flat deck low rider carts are used in many industries due to their many properties that aid in such applications and hence are desired a lot.click here to get more information tugger cart system.

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