Crazy for slot games? Here’s random runner

Every one of us has someday seen a James Bond movie and we are all in deep a fan of the casino games and we have always sometimes even dreamt of winning a lot of money by playing poker or some other casino game.

Random runner emerged as popular slot game in the 1970’s. We had seen some other guy always playing random runner for fun or just for the sake of legal gambling.
The version of Random Runner provided by crazino games has two modes to play, one basic and second one is the top level mode, to get to play the top level mode you will first have to win four sets of the basic mode and when you have finished doing that you will be able to play the top game .
The difference between the basic game and the top game is quite big. In the basic game you can only win horizontally but if you save you money in the bank and advance to the top level you can win vertical, horizontal and criss-cross!
And what’s more amazing os in the top game, you can win 16 rows on one beg and make a whole lot of profit.
The random runner can be played in two modes, one for winning money and the second is just for the sake of fun, in the fun mode, fake money is used and the awards you win are also obviously made of fake money , but if you want some real fun, you shall play the real money, just deposit your money into the machine and then if you win the game the prize money is all yours to take home.
Random runner is a fun game whether you play it for fun or for winning money, the classic game has always entertained people at casinos and pubs and it will keep doing the same for centuries

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