Advantages and Disadvantages in Photo booth services

Photo booth services are used mainly to entertain the guests who attends weddings, parties and gives them a memorable experience. Photo booth is nothing but a vending machine or also considered as modern kiosk which has an automated camera. Now it became digital which is also coin operated. In Singapore,ubersnap photobooth services are very popular.

What are the advantages of Photo booth services?

There are so many advantages in using Photo booth at functions.

• Photo booths are very easy to set up at events, it is compact and readily fit into any sections of the room.

• The main advantage for this generation people is to capture the happiest and funniest moments in the weddings and parties so that they can upload in social media like Facebook, Instagrametc. Also few like UberSnap Singapore PhotoBooth provides instant GIF prints.

• It helps people in mingling. In this modern world, people do not have time to chat or spend time with each other. This photo booth experience gives the people to get in touch with their network and have fun the most.

What are the disadvantages of Photo booth services?

Though it has many pros, there are few limitations in setting up this photo booth.

• The main drawback of photo booth is the size of the photo. The size of the photo has a passport size from the waist upward. Thus it is results in limiting the number of people in a single photo.

• It is also space consuming sometimes. It is usually measures about six feet tall and four feet wide which consumes lots of space in the event places.

• Also it may be costly sometimes like photobooth services Singapore. This is because photo booth set up comes with different themes. So cost may differ according to the theme you select.

Overall, it keeps the people engaged and busy. It acts as a perfect fun factor and helps to break down the communication barriers in the events.

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